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Remind 101 Blk

Remind 101 Blk

This site is designed to support your coursework in English, Creative Writing and Academic Literacy this semester. It hosts helpful resources , notes, handouts, and homework. Use the links on the right to direct you to specific materials related to your class or unit of study.

Course Updates and Announcements:

Study for the Final Using the Resources Below:
Practice Final:

Practice Final Answer Key:

9th Grade Course Curriculum

Core Understandings:

1. You are readers and writers. (RA Unit)
2. Literacy empowers you to evaluate your world. (Informational Text Unit)
3. Literacy strengthens the individual and society. (F451, ANTIGONE & DRAMA)
4. Literacy empowers you to change your world. (TKM, Personal Memoir, Argument)

Course Reflection:

After completing the course, reflect on your learning in a formal letter to Ms. Hunter. The requirements of the assignment are outlined in the document below:

Use the Microsoft word template below to help you format your letter. Remember, this is only a template. You will need to delete content that does not pertain to the assignment.

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