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Theater of Dionysus

Essential Question:
How has Greek theater established the foundation for modern and contemporary theater?

Core Understanding:

Literacy strengthens the individual in society.

Antigone Comprehension Resources:


Antigone is one play out of a series of three. In order to best understand the play, the reader/viewer needs to know the cultural, historical, and literary context. Use these resources to develop background knowledge and develop schema for the play.

Overview of the play:

The Story of Oedipus: Watch this video to see why the family is plagued by tragedy.

Understanding Greek Theater:
Attending the Theater in Athens

The Theater of Dionysus

Greek Theater and the Chorus

Burial: Find out why burial rights were such a big deal to the Greeks.
Death, Burial, and the AfterlifeDeath, Burial and The Afterlife

Read Ms. Hunter's Background Notes:


Study Guide: Use the study Guide to help you keep track of the plot.

Text Structure: Ancient Greek Play Structure (Use if you are viewing the DVD)


Who is the tragic hero of Antigone? Use this resource to determine who is the tragic hero and what characteristics they exhibit in throughout the play.

Othello Comprehension Resources:

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Globe Theatre


Developing Background Knowledge:
Before reading the play, conduct informal research on your assigned topic. Use credible sources on the internet to answer the guiding questions specific to your topic. Turn your questions into a Google Doc Presentation to share with the class.

Tour the Globe Theatre
What would a real Shakespearean performance have looked like? See for yourself by taking this virtual tour!

Play Summary:
Othello is a difficult play. Sometimes reading a summary is helpful for readers. Read the following summary to help your comprehension as you read/view the play.

Top Ten Questions About Othello:
Watch this video clip to get a plot overview of Othello before reading. Many of the questions you will have during reading can be answered here. SPOILER ALERT: Watching all 10 questions will spoil some of the plot twists.


Page 21 of your text provides a list of characters to help you keep track of who's who. Refer to this as you read when you get lost or forget characters. You can also use the play map below. This shows how the characters are connected.

Summaries of Acts I-V
The following document provides summaries of each scene in acts I-V of the play. After reading each act, go back and review these summaries to make sure you comprehend the plot.


Analyzing Othello as a Tragic Hero
Just like Creon in Antigone, Othello is a tragic hero who falls from a position of honor, and realizes his mistake when it is too late. Use the document below to analyze Othello's character using Aristotle's classic defining of a tragic hero. You will first consider how Desdemona, Othello, and Cassio could all be considered the tragic hero, but ultimately, you focus on Othello (pgs. 2 and 3 of the document).

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