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Directions: Open the following attachment, and punctuate the dialogue. When you are finished, create a list of rules for dialogue. We will then review the answers as a class.

After editing the above document, compare your revision with the answers.

6 Word Memoirs

History of six-word memoir: Six-Word Memoirs, is a project founded by the online storytelling magazine SMITH Magazine. Like SMITH Magazine, Six-Word Memoirs seek to provide a platform for storytelling in all its forms. Similar to the overall aim of SMITH Magazine, Six-Word Memoirs are participatory in nature, and welcomes contributions from all its readers. After the magazine, 6 word memoirs took off and published several books.

What is a memoir? Related to the word memory. Memoirs explore a specific moment of our lives. After all, it is our memories that make up our life story.

Listen to this story on NPR:
Can Your Tell Your Story in Exactly Six Words?

Watch this video to see examples of six word memoirs from SMITH magazine:

Best Six (July 12-July 18)-01
Best Six (July 12-July 18)-01

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