To Kill a Mockingbird Literature Circle Assignment

Directions: In addition to completing your daily study guide questions to support your basic comprehension of the text, you engage in collaborative learning through periodic discussions with classmates. This specific activity is called Literature Circles and is designed to create active engagement in reading. You will be graded on your preparation, involvement, and reflection. Consistent attendance is key to do well in this activity.

1. Preparing for Literature Circle Discussions:

  • Read Assigned Chapters
  • Choose a part of the reading that:
    • makes you wonder
    • makes you laugh
    • makes you sad or upset
    • was your favorite part
    • has interesting words
    • reminds you of another book
    • reminds you have something that has happened in your life
    • remind you of something that is happening in the world
  • Create 3 Questions:
    • One question must identify your confusion.
    • Two discussion questions from one or more of the following levels of Bloom's Taxonomy:
      • Applying
      • Analyzing
      • Evaluating
      • Creating

Use this resource to hep you Create Good Questions:

2. Participating in Literature Circles:

3. Reflecting on Literature Circles:


Literature Circles will be held after the completion of the following chapters:



Essential Questions

Ch. 1-7

Maycomb's Ways

Ch. 8-11

It's a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird

Ch. 12-15

Do You Really Think So?

Ch. 16-21

Stand Up

Ch. 22-31

It 'Aint Right

Add Discussion