Socratic Seminar Resources

Use this resource to create good discussion questions:

Socratic Seminar Expectations:
1. Work toward learning together
2. Listen, affirm, and respond to each other in appropriate ways
3. Maintain a focused discussion with balanced participation and periods of acceptable silence

Find Your Voice

If you were unable to find your voice in today's discussion, complete the optional assignment below.

If you were ABSENT during a Socratic seminar, please read the corresponding literary criticism and respond in writing.

Literary Criticism
Use Bloom's Literature to search and select literary criticism. Follow the steps below:

1. Visit the website:
2. In the SEARCH entry field, type in the name of the literary text (i.e. Antigone, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.)
3. When the results appear, click on the ANALYSES and CRITICISM tab at the top.
4. Review different articles. Choose one to read and respond to in a written reflection.
5. Use the citation link located on the right to copy and past the citation for your works cited.

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