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Finding a Good Frog

Delia Motavalli wrote this essay as a high school freshman in Fairfield, Connectut. Her favorite subjects are math, chemistry, and art. Ms. Motavalli volunteers every week at a community supper and sits on a hunger outreach advisory board.


Michael Fisher is a 15 year old who lives in Lancaster County. Mr. Fisher's favorite subjects are Gym, Lunch, and History. He is a caddy at Lancaster Country Club. He is also his English teachers favorite student.

Positive over Negative

Hollie wrote and recorded this in Mrs. Hunters 9th grade English class. She loves riding horses and goes to the barn everyday after school. She loves writing and spends most time writing things down.

Look for the Positive Side

Tara is a varsity cheerleader at Conestoga Valley High School who loves writing and hanging out with friends. She is excited for summer.

Never Compare Your Problems to Others

Egor used to compare his problems to others to try to make himself feel better, but in the end it backfired. He learned that it would be best to just deal with his problems instead of comparing them. He is learning to trust new people.


Dylan Shertzer is a student at Conestoga Valley High School. He is active as a player for the High School Soccer team and gets good grades in school. He goes to his youth group regularly and is currently volunteering as a leader in the elementary age youth ministry at his church.

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Zion Preston works at Rocky Springs Bowling alley. He is also in his second year competing in drum line. In this recording, he speaks on how his aunt impacts his life today.


Brooke Kready is 15 years old and lives in Lancaster, PA. Her favorite subject in school is math. She is a varsity tennis player and competes year round. She attends LCBC church and youth group at Calvary church regularly.

Never Stop Smiling

Olivia Cruz is a 14 year old girl from Pennsylvania. She loves to hang out with her friends, go to the beach and shop.

Appreciate Everything

Gianna Yurchak loves playing soccer and hanging out with friends. Miss Yurchak loves the beach and reading romantic books. She has three older sisters and three dogs. She also loves going to the movies and seeing comedies. Miss Yurchak's favorite subjects are spanish and math. She enjoys going to Subway and Panera.

Selfless Acts


Trey Orner is a beautifal child born in Annapolis, MD. He is currently in Conestoga Valley High School. While is is not the fondest of school, he excels in his studies. He enjoys playing most sports and watching tennis with his friend Brooke. His future plans include attending West Point Academy.


Bradley Bair is a freshman at Conestoga Valley High School. His favorite subject is history, but he enjoys most subjects. He spends the majority of his time outside of school playing or watching soccer.


Noah is a shy guy that has played almost every sport imaginable on a team and quit. Putting that aside, he is a kind person and has three siblings that made it incredibly hard to record his essay. He loves math and hates Spanish. Noah tries to be kind to everyone.

Natalia Bedoya is a freshman at Conestoga Valley. Her favorite classes are English and journalism. She also enjoys playing lacrosse.

Nicholas Ator is an anspiring writer. He was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has two brothers.

Will Baumiller is in 9th grade at CVHS and recently completed Ms. Hunter's English course. He enjoys hunting with his rifle, shotgun, and bow. Will also enjoys growing his own vegetables and fruits.

Lorenzo is a ninth grade student in Ms. Hunters class. He loves to go outside to hang out with his friends.He loves to learn new things about different sciences.

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